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Stemmi Dignano

The Open project was conceived with the aim of creating new cultural itineraries in the historic centre of Dignano that  require neither tour guides nor custodians.

Dignano has a rich history and artistic heritage, its civil and religious architecture providing the possibility of creating new cultural routes of which Stemmi (coats of arms) is the first. To implement it, the Ars et Labor Foundation will receive a small contribution from the municipality; the foundation has also launched a crowdfunding campaign.

Following an initial route of 12 points (that will total 20 points when the project is completed), visitors will be able to wander through the historic centre in search of the coats of arms; using their smartphones to scan the nearby QR code on their smartphones, they can receive information about the history of each one. This will be an engaging way to explore and learn about the enchanting areas of this ancient and beautiful town.

If you would like to contribute to the restoration and enhancement of the coats of arms, please donate here

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