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Fundraising project aimed at partners and all heritage-sensitive persons who love the culture of this area and want to support the Foundation and its projects.

Companies can donate up to 2% of company income to projects of social and cultural significance, such as conservation, restoration and culture in the broadest sense. Donations are tax deductible.

Now, why would a company sponsor a cultural Foundation and its projects rather than give part of its money to the state? It is a matter of choice and reputation. If they want, companies and persons who create work and wealth can affect the cultural sector. This is the way to do it: recover and revive a part of historic heritage of Istria thank to one’s sensitivity and affluence. That is no small thing, although it is something that only a few can afford and grasp. Added to this is the publicity of sponsorship and the ensuing reputation. The Foundation will be honoured to provide a more detailed description of what it does and how it works, host the interested parties at its Vodnjan headquarters, and show its work premises created through recovery of abandoned historic sites.

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