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Photovoltaic roof cells

An innovative technology to bring solar energy on heritage buildings. Indistinguishable from common building materials, Invisible Solar improves the protected historical areas without aesthetical compromises.

This project will be developed in collaboration with Dyaqua.

Photovoltaic roof cells - animation

Operating of Invisible Solar modules is based on the low molecular density. Each module is composed of a non-toxic and recyclable polymeric compound we properly developed to encourage the photon absorption.

Inside the module there are incorporated standard monocrystalline silicon cells. The surface, that is opaque at the sight but translucent to sun rays, allows the light to enter and feed the cells.

Photovoltaic roof tiles installed in Pompei

Photovoltaic roof tiles have been installed at the Casa del Frutteto site in Pompei.

216 photovoltaic roof tiles have been installed at the site.
They can produce a maximum of over 1,3 kWp.
KWp 1,3 = Wp 1.300.
Wp 1.300 / 216 = 6,018~ Wp/tile. 

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