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Presentation of the I Canti da Bateo project at the Venetian Arsenal during the International Venice Boat Show in June 2019

I Canti da Bateo are little-known elements of eighteenth-century Venetian and Istrian heritage that maestro Guglielmo Pinna searched for, found and collected in his thirty-year career: over 700 da bateo songs, both Venetian and Istrian, from archives throughout Europe. This enormous quantity of musical heritage has been classified meticulously. As its collaborator, the maestro asked the Ars et Labor Foundation to help him find a publisher of the full material collected and a music editor to release a CD with said materials, for the sole purpose of presenting it first and foremost to Venetians and Istrians, and then worldwide.

Considering the cultural importance of the material collected by Pinna, the Foundation believed that Vela was the right choice for this activity owing to its specific role in the city.
With the help of our partners Giovanna Cicogna and Enrica Crivellaro, we created a micro event during the International Nautical Salon in June 2019.

It was the first in a series of similar occasions, which we hope will be followed by another one during the Carnevale 2020.


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