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The Foundation hosted Massimo Pellegrinetti, professor of technology and use of marble, stones and semi-precious stones at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and Daniela Novello of the Venice Academy, accompanied by Pietro Cigala, and together we developed a summer campus project for a sculpture symposium in Vodnjan.

Project for Urban Interventions

Premise: After the 1960s with the phenomenon of Land Art, many interventions by artists followed one another to modify, decode, re-read and interpret the space of landscape and cities. Through their interventions, the artists immerse themselves in the places, study their history and morphology and then include them in their idea of a regenerated space. The redevelopment or regeneration of a public space through the work of one or more artists means using culture as a collective expression, what surrounds us inspires us and represents us. Crossing a neglected, uncultivated and anonymous space, one is not encouraged to stop, stay, look and live in that environment. Rereading an urban space In Vodnjan, we have identified various possible interventions that would bring new life to a number of places in the city. Many stone walls, for example, have shortcomings that could be filled through sculptural interventions in stone (possibly the same type of stone). Fountains or artist’s benches could be inserted in small green areas (squares), even the overturned concrete blocks containing the lights that illuminate the church can be redesigned without losing their functionality. There are many possible interventions that can be planned by the young artists of the Academies.
Logistics: 10/15 students from the Academies of Milan, Turin and Venice could participate. It would be necessary to provide different types of stone material in order to produce the necessary works. The students could stay from 7 to 14 days. The machinery for handling the pieces must be prepared (forklift or crane). Stands or supports on which to work. A compressor (at least one horsepower per operator / 10 students 10 horses) with air pipes and connection for pneumatic hammers and electrical outlets.
Period: end of August to beginning of September.
Hospitality (board and lodging) for students and 3 teachers. Reimbursement of expenses and hospitality for teachers and per diem.

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